Johanna Guez
life coach
Trainer in conscious communication

Empowering women & mothers program

  • Are you a working woman and/or mother?
  • You feel tired, stressed, sometimes lonely and anxious?
  • Do you have difficulties to be heard and to communicate with your partner (or ex-partner)?
  • Do you sometimes feel tension or distance? You lack concrete tools to understand the situation and communicate effectively with him/her or to set limits?
  • You would like to prevent or manage the crisis?

Find a more peaceful life and a balanced relationship as a couple (or as a parent)!

The 3 steps of the program :

Keys to clarify what you are experiencing and to be aligned with your desires.

Identify the blocks that prevent you from moving forward in the relationship.

Learn how to express yourself in a way that is heard and to get out of tensions with concrete tools.

Online or at the office.

  • 9 personalized coaching sessions of 1 hour each, adjustable over 3 to 4 months (flexible).
  • “Questions to my coach”, answers to all your questions within 48 hours.
  • Follow-up of the session and written synthesis.
  • Powerful tools program linked to the program and your needs.

Johanna is a great coach. She has empathy, knows her register/references very well in terms of NVC, and her method of reformulation and identification of areas to work on is very effective! Ideal for everyone, but her approach is also very well adapted to working women, moms, and therefore who have a crazy mental load 🙂

Karen L.

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