Regain control over your life in six sessions

My programme is underpinned by six individual coaching sessions which can take place virtually or in person. During these sessions we will gain an understanding of your barriers and put into place specific actions to help you overcome them and fulfill your potential.

A programme in three steps:

  1. Assessment and understanding of your existing situation in order to respond to specific needs
  2. Develop awareness of your own blockages and negative thought patterns. Open up to new perspectives using visualization and thought transformation tools.
  3. Align your thoughts and aspirations to regain control over your situation by putting in place a specific action plan



  • Duration : 30 minutes

To get to know you and clarify how we could work together as coach and coachee, build a rapport and set expectations. It is a non-obligation, complimentary session which is free of charge.



  • Duration of a session¬†: 1h
  • Written report and follow-up after every session
CHF 120.- / EUR 110.-

Coaching programme :
6 sessions

  • Duration of a session : 1h15 min
  • Written report and follow-up after every session
CHF 700.- / EUR 630.-

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