Johanna Guez
life coach
Trainer in conscious communication

Mediation sessions for couples

  • You feel blocked in your communication with your life partner?
  • Do you feel that you are not heard, understood, facing a wall? You are in conflict on many daily issues?
  • Mediation can help you to find the connection, the dialogue.
  • Objective : To find the connection and the dialogue with the other.
  • Procedure: Preliminary interview for each member of the couple, followed by a minimum of three mediation sessions of about 1.5 hours in the office.
  • Price: 900 CHF for the couple for 3 sessions + preliminary interviews.

I am sensitive to beauty, harmony and I am happy to welcome you for coaching sessions, for benevolent communication trainings, around creativity, circles, in a beautiful 19th century house in Chêne- Bougeries where the famous Russian painter Maria Yakountchikova lived until 1902. Beauty is therapeutic and I am convinced that a beautiful space is conducive to healing, change, evolution and learning.

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