Johanna Guez
Coach & Trainer in Collaborative Communication

Business Trainings & Coaching Services in Collaborative Communication

Empowering individuals and teams to excel in collaborative communication within the workplace.

The training and coaching programs are designed to enhance interpersonal skills, foster effective teamwork through clear and constructive communication strategies and thrive in collaborative environments.

About Me

As the Founder and Lead Trainer of Johanna Guez Coaching, I bring a wealth of experience in Collaborative Communication and conflict resolution.

With a commitment to personal and professional growth, I design and lead transformative communication trainings and coaching programs that address real-world challenges faced by staff, managers, and leaders for diverse organizations (corporate and public sector), communities, helping them to build skills for leadership, dialogue, feedback integration, and authentic collaboration.

With a double master’s degree in anthropology, communication and applied linguistics, I trained during a period of 7 years with the world’s leading teachers of the NonViolent Communication method created by Marshall Rosenberg (CNCV). Passionate about communication and human relations, I am keen to pass on these powerful tools to enhance team communication, interpersonal relationships and overall efficency.

With many years of professional experience in international organizations, I have developed tangible experience in the art of giving feedback, managing disagreements on a daily basis and developing a culture of collaboration.

My services are based on the principles of Collaborative Communication, promoting open dialogue, trust, and effective communication strategies.


1. Develop Strong Communication Skills :

to convey ideas and messages effectively and transform conflict into constructive dialogue.

2. Enhance Team Collaboration :

Overcome communication obstacles and foster a culture of collaboration and trust, resolve conflicts, and work harmoniously with colleagues.

3. Boost Productivity :

Acquire tools to streamline communication processes, reduce misunderstandings, and minimize workplace friction.

4. Navigate Challenging Conversations :

Gain confidence in addressing sensitive topics and providing constructive feedback.


Our interactive trainings are designed to equip your team with practical communication skills. These sessions cover a range of topics, including:

  • Effective Listening and Feedback
  • Conflict Resolution Strategies
  • Building a Culture of Open Communication
  • Overcome communication obstacles and foster a culture of collaboration.
  • Enhance team trust and interpersonal skills.
  • Transform conflicts into constructive dialogues.
  • Boost accountability and responsiveness.
  • Motivate and engage reports collaboratively.
  • Model and coach collaborative approaches.
  • Mentor others to enhance their leadership capacity.
  • Navigate challenging situations with awareness and pro-activity.
  • Our coaching program focuses on equipping you with Collaborative Communication skills, empowering you to navigate complex interactions with finesse. From managing customer inquiries to fostering teamwork, our coaching will help you excel in the front office role, promoting effective communication, collaboration, and exceptional customer experiences.
  • Personalized coaching for conflict management and self-management.
  • Facilitate resolution of conflicts through effective mediation.
  • Transform disagreements into positive outcomes.


Managers & staff who attended the trainings

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