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Nos fabuleux pouvoirs

Regain your inner power and inspiration in your relationships

Nos fabuleux pouvoirs is a podcast in french about Nonviolent Communication that explores how to get out of powerlessness in everyday situations, conflicts with oneself or with others. It’s about developing your power by connecting to yourself through concrete, simple and inspiring tools.

Episode 6 : Relationships that challenge us

How do we react when someone challenges us to face our limits? When, despite our attempts to talk and listen, things seem to get worse. Why can’t we find the right angle with some people to set a clear limit? How can we regain our power, our alignment in situations that no longer suit us?


Episode 5 : Staying calm in the face of criticism

How can we stay connected to the other person when he or she criticizes us? Can we find peace and not feel attacked or defensive?Is there a magic formula that would allow us to remain calm in this type of situation? In this episode, we will explore the power of connecting to ourselves and to each other to avoid unnecessary conflicts.


Episode 4 : Create your dream life!

Where to start when you have a desire or a project? Opening yourself up to new perspectives, new projects when a part of you seems to doubt that you will be able to realize them? Is there a way to be guided to make the right choices? In this episode we will explore how your ability to project yourself into the future can act as a powerful energy to guide you towards the realization of your dreams and projects.


Episode 3 : Dare to ask

How can we dare to make requests of others? What are the obstacles that prevent us from realizing our desires? Is there a magic formula that would allow us to get what we need or dream of by making requests? In this episode, we will explore a non-exhaustive overview of what can support us to get out of abusive mechanisms such as demanding and begging to turn this fabulous energy into a strength.


Episode 2 : The Hamster Wheel

How can we get out of the unpleasant feeling of being a hamster that moves on its wheel without stopping? What is the impact of this disconnected way of functioning on our environment? How can you regain your power over the situation when the to-do list is piling up and you feel trapped at the throat? In this episode we will see how connecting to the body allows us to access our emotions, our deepest aspirations and sometimes prevent unnecessary conflicts. Find here the universal needs of the human being in the sense of Nonviolent Communication.


Episode 1 : Anger

How can we regain our power and autonomy when faced with anger that can turn into violence if it is directed directly against the other? How can we regain our connection to ourselves and to others when we are the target of someone else’s anger or when we ourselves are angry? How to face it and what is its meaning? Can we resist it? In this episode, we will explore through a concrete situation, how to take back the responsibility of this emotion thanks to NonViolent Communication.


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